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In old ages, we were White Hat Hackers and working for security companies. After years we have decided to leave ethical hacking and started to web development to earn Google AdSense revenue.

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In 1994 Linux RedHat was appeared and we provided Network Interfaces solutions. We worked for EVAC Computer at Alsancak Izmir TURKEY (there are those who remember). Also we were repairing Amiga and Commodore computers and selling computer games for them (of course floppy disc games). When Compact Discs was first appeared in Turkey, we created first Autorun compatibility Interactive Company Presentation CD. Also we cloned tons of DL+ CDs for Xbox, PS (of course we cracked firmware those game consoles) and Warez Until the BSA arrives. 😈

After years, we started to try JailBreak IOS iPhone Gen1-2 and we successfully coded the first iPhone's IMEI number changer in Aegean region (it was legal in that years). Before the JailBreak things we were selling 5 or 6 digits ICQ UIN because it was very valuable. We hacked Hotmail and Yahoo Mail Security Systems via passing through forget my passwords steps with fake recovery email addresses, all ICQ users surely had a hotmail or yahoo account. (there was also no Gmail that years). In a certain time period, we supported Gendarmerie General Command of Turkey about JEMUS and some other things.
Please don't ask us for hacking your ex-girlfriend's Insta Accounts or your competitors info. BECAUSE; WE QUIT!
Or don't try to hack us because it is very easy nowadays! 👹 😉

Our computer skills and internet wisdom transformed into dizaynkoloni in 2012 exactly, until now. We are a digital marketing agency in case of need by now. When you loved us, lifetime partnership is always available but if we don't have any client of your sector. You may have some professional staff or you are already working with a creative/marketing agency, it doesn't matter because we love to work crowded and share experience!

This DIV Box with P space is not enough to talk everything. Best of all let's have a coffee together and talk more. I KISS YOU! (WHO REMEMBERS Mahir Çağrı? aka Internet Mahir) Onedio

Happy Customers


We've served over hundreds Customers. We're delighted to see happy customers!

Best CPC and Conversion Average

We are managing over two million dollars Ads budget of Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin in a year. Our average CPC almost perfect.

Ministry of Trade Branding Support


We've built a reputation. We care about all our customers and we give 150% attention to detail for perfect quality. If you are planning global marketing, you can gain minimum 50% of your budget money back with support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade. We providing grants!

Commercial Representatives Turquality


You may ask us to reCode/reEdit templates, Wordpress, Joomla etc... or you may take advantage of our enormous coding skills with SQL Types! by the way WE HATE SQL Injections!


We have completed all certification exams and we are a business partner of Google since prehistoric age. SEM, Display, Youtube, Merchant Center, Mobile etc...


Maybe we are the first Facebook advertisers in Aegean region, because we are advertising since 2007. And we have lots of so valuable Pixels suitable for all sectors.


Everybody must love Instagram. This is our last words.


Are there any Twitter advertising agency in here, except us? Yes We Are! Yes You Can! Or We Don't Know Anyone Else!


Linkedin is a perfect way to target your audience like pure FL clarity like diamonds!


Coming Soon! We are still waiting but isn't it starting to be a little disturbing?


We will find the right social influencers using some smart influencer marketing platforms. If used correctly, the results are tremendous.


Since 2014 Admatic is leading the Turkish ad-network and ad-tech ecosystem with its innovative way of thinking, knowledge on digital ad systems with its magnificent team. Admatic is the very first completely locally developed SSP (Supply Side Platform) in Turkey and has become the powerhouse in digital advertising business with its expert designer, developer and sales teams.


Good news for anyone affected by Cryptolocker, we can decrypt all kinds of ransomware. If you are our client, it's FREE!


Large chunks of money and technical expertise knowledge went into the production of these cryptocurrencies. You may ask us everything about cryptocurrencies.


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